Zaira Zarotti & Francesco Pettenà, Potters e Founders of The Freaky Raku Studio.

Zaira is the author of The Freaky Table blog and her work mostly consists of still life photography and food styling.
She’s always looking out for objects and materials that are vintage and out of the ordinary, and she personally takes care of the styling of her pictures. [read more here]
Searching for props to this purpose was the first reason she became interested in a personalized production of ceramics.
Since the beginning of this project, Francesco found his most authentic expressive quality in molding and finishing the pieces at the lathe, having an inborn plastic talent and a natural creative exuberance of his own.
Zaira & Francesco take care of all stages together, each one having one’s own tasks, from production to selling all over the world.

The Freaky Raku project was born officially in 2016, after about one year of studying and experimenting as self-tought ceramists in our studio near Venice.